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GPSLogger Configuration

GPSLogger allows the registration of the PDA's GPS positions through an interface with VendInApp ,
GPSLogger creates a file independent from VendInApp which is read and then sent to Vega. 
Follow these steps to correctly configure this:

  1. Download the program GPSLogger.epk from the website
  2. Enter into the Main Menu

  1. In General Settings activate "Open at Startup" and verify, from the option "Enable/Disable GPS," that the device has the request to manage the positions active. 
  2. In Registration Settings activate "Register in a text file" and 
  3. In Registration Settings indicate, in the option "Save in the file", /storage/emulated/download as the file path (Note: this file path is mandatory and shouldn't ever be modified for any reason)
  4. In Registration Settings select the item "Creation of new files", File Custom
  5. In Registration Settings indicate, in the field "Name of file custom ", tradeappgps as the name of the file 
  6. In Registration Settings indicate, in the field "Time between registrations", the interval between the two each time that a GPS registration is reported. We advise that you set this at 60sec to reduce overuse of the battery. 
  7. In Registration Settings in the field "Distance Filter" indicate the minimum distance between the GPS point and the previous so that the position is registered. We suggest to insert 10 meters in this field to avoid that the minimum amount of movements are registered. 
  8. In Registration Settings DO NOT check the option "Always leave GPS active" to minimize battery consumption 

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