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  • Quando il DB del palmare è corrotto...
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The meaning of "corrupt DB"

A corruption on PDA means that you can have missed some data: so, in the same day, you can have perfect data (with every detail) but you can also have missed some other data.

the error shown by PDA...

30.04.18 23:48:47 Non Creo nessun file, perché il db risulta corrotto o non valido per questo palmare
                  Non creo il PCON perché ho i progressivi fiscali a zero, dato che non sono riuscito a leggere il DB,
                  comportando l'azzeramento anche in Vega

Translated: Cannot create any file. Corrupted DB or not valid for this PDA. o palmare
                  Creation of PCON not possible, fiscal year ID number returned to zero because the DB can't be read

First step...

  1. download your PDA

  2. verify the data are in Vega

If you haven't them in Vega:

  1. make a copy of the SD
  2. call Digisoft to recover your data

Cancel the DB

On the main screen Digipalm, click on Exit (left, bottom):

Insert 6619 ad Password.

Once here:

click on Start

enter File Explorer

Enter SD:

Enter Digisoft

Enter the DATA repository

Enter the Ve3Net repository,

you have the Ve3 file

keep the Ve3 pressed until you can see the menu: select DELETE

Once deleted, do a reset.

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