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  • La gestione delle attività dei soggetti con il barcode
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What it is needed for

It is necessary to record the various activities carried out during the day.

Generate the barcodes

Go to tables → Staff daily activities → Print staff barcodes (TfrmRPTStampaBarcodeSoggetto).

If the fields are empty, click on the button Generate Barcode.

How many times can the barcodes regenerated?

 The barcodes can be regenerated everytime you want to. If you regenerate the, remember to provide operators with barcodes needed. (For example the barcode of the generic activity to be kept on the van).

What are the various barcodes for

There are specific barcodes:

  • entry and exit from branch
  • start and end movement
  • start and end pause
  • start and end workshop activities

if you need to add other activities, you can do it in , lo potete fare in Staff activities setup (TfrmTABAttEventiTempiSogg)

Begin/ end refueling, begin/ end flat tire change ecc.

and then to use the Generic Activity barcode to manage these customized activities. 

Parameters to set for the menagement on the PDA

Tables → PDAs → PDAs configurations (TfrmTabConfigurazionePalmari) → Activities:

  • Ask for the login in the procedure "Activities" (LOGINATTIVITA): if you check it, after having selected the menu 65. ACTIVITIES the operator will be asked to enter his/her code / name and password.  For each actvity, it will be requiried to enter the credentials.  

The password need to be set in Tables → Staff → Password setting for PDA. If you do not set it, will be enough to confirm an empty password.

  • Compulsory end pause barcode scan (OBBFINEPAUSA): if you check it, after having started the pause, the PDA stops on the read barcode window and reports in red that it's necessary to remember to read the end pause. 

Request notes in the activity "Generic activity begin" (NOTEATT_GI) / Request notes in the activity "Generic activity end" (NOTEATT_GF): it is possibile to ask for mandatory or not notes, when you scan the barcode "begin / end generic activity". if mandatory, it won't be possibile to exit form the notes window, untill you enter the notes. 

How to use...


On the PDA, to scan the activity, you need to access to the menu 65. ACTIVITIES. For each activity done, the operator will scan the Activity begin barcode and, once ended, the Activity end barcode. If it is a generic task, the operator will also select the task type.


  1. Click on  Agent Activity
  2. click on Start scanning or click on the button that starts the barcode reader
  3. confirm that the barcode scanned is the correct one
  4. select a possible activity (only if you have scanned the generic barcode)
  5. enter possible notes and confirm them
  6. the program returns to the main menu.

To close the activity, follow the same path.

At the end of the day

Enter in Tables → Staff activity → Staff activities details (TfrmTABEventiTempiSoggetto).

Here you can display the sequence of activities carried out by the operators.

Is it possible entering data manually in this task archive?

Yes, it is possible. ONLY the users who have set Enable activity manual enter (LXT_REGISTRAATTVEGA) in Installation data → Additional user login information (TfrmTABLoginInfo) → Special permissions can enter or delate the recordings. 

If you want to print the activity...

Go to tables → Staff daily activities → Print staff activities (TfrmRPTEventiETempiSoggetti).

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