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Palm synchronisation is used to send and receive those data from Vega that are not sent in real time.

By default the synchronisation is set to Incremental, uncheck the total update of the tables.

ATTENTION: When synchronising, the goods/spare parts history will be "reset". If you manage the goods booking (products or spare parts) using the "UNLOADED QUANTITY" item, make the booking before synchronising.


There are some basic data that are not sent in real time to Vega:

van inventory,

kilometres travelled, 

sending bags to internal counting,

goods orders

These data must be sent manually from the PDA, if they have not been sent at the time of synchronisation, this mask will appear

Symbols indicate whether or not data transmission is mandatory before synchronisation

Mandatory data entry

Optional data entry

Ready for synchronisation

Click on each individual line to access the individual data submission:

The Inventory and Goods Order lines open the following buttons

If you send or trash the stored data, a green tick will appear

The buttons for the Internal Counting and Vehicle KM lines are:

Information on the selected line

Editing data, from here you return to the menu (inventory or orders)

to modify data before sending

Sending data

Deleting data

Once you have sent the data and entered the kilometres, the synchronisation will start automatically.

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