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  • Non vedo un prodotto sul sito, quale può essere la causa?
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  • we are in WebShop mode on VegaWeb
  • we already waited VegaWeb2.exe 's minimum update time (from 5 to 30 minuted depending on the settings)
  • on the webpage, we already pressed Ctrl+f5 to refresh the page and clear the cache
  1. search the product in Warehouse → products → products archive and check if the behavior option for 'Visible in VegaWeb' is active.
  2. In the same Product Archive, in Other Information (at the bottom of the window), Logistic Data, check that the product managed = 'Yes'
  3. Move to VegaWeb → VegaWeb Configuration → WebShop Tab
  4. Check that the product is present and available for the model and in the price list. In the price list:
    1. it has a price that is greater than 0
    2. it has a validity date of today, or earlier
  5. Go to the tab Orders via Web
  6. Check that the field "Default menu for the product presentation" has a valid numeric value
  7. Click on the button 
  8. Verify that the product is present in the menu

If all of these steps are correct, go in VegaWeb → VegaWeb Configuration → Job Status Tab and check if there are active jobs (broken is not check and date of the last and next sync is today)

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